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The NBC Agency pushes HDTV

A new joint venture to raise public awareness about HDTV among shoppers at retail stores was announced last week by the NBC Agency, the ad and promotions agency serving NBC O&Os, and Premier Retail Networks (PRN), the largest in-store media network.

The effort, called “This is HDTV,” will begin in August and will feature educational segments on high-definition television that will be broadcast to Sears, Circuit City and Best Buy stores throughout the nation. PRN is available in 2,000 stores across the country.

The NBC Agency, PRN and the Consumer Electronics Association created and produced the spots. Talent from NBC’s lineup will host the spots, which were produced in NTSC and HDTV to be shown side-by-side in the stores.

Studies conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association have shown that the general public remains largely in the dark about HDTV. Nearly three-quarters of respondents to a CEA telephone survey were not very familiar with high-definition television.

“This is HDTV” will seek to inform shoppers about the benefits of HDTV over traditional analog service.

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