The Feature Analyzes Mobile TV

The web site had an interesting article last week titled Mobile TV - More Than Just Hype. The article says 2006 and possibly 2005 could be the "year of mobile TV." It looks at the different options for transmitting video programming (live video, not video clips) to mobile handsets and the demand for mobile video service. The demand is there - SK Telecom's JUNE mobile TV service in Korea attracted 1 million users in the first nine months of operation.

Different options for delivering video content include the cellular data network itself and various terrestrial DTV broadcast standards. ATSC-based enhanced VSB modulation was not mentioned. The article said TV broadcasters "need to be convinced on both the 'opportunity and threat'" of mobile TV and concluded "it's also impossible to predict exactly which applications, business models and content will win out, but mobile TV will become a massive market."