“The Daily Show” selects SSL console for new studios

The new studio is called “Studio 52,”after its 52nd Street and 11th Avenue location in New York City
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Production for Comedy Central’s hit show features a Solid State Logic C100 Digital Broadcast Console with Version 2 software.

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” has a new home, built by NEP Studios. The new facility, which opened this month, features a Solid State Logic C100 digital broadcast console with version 2 software as the core of its audio production. The C100 can handle future complicated production elements, such as 5.1 audio/production mixing.

The new studio is called Studio 52 after its 52nd Street and 11th Avenue location in New York City. Studio 52 will also provide enhanced production services, increased space for a larger audience and more room for the show's writers.

The SSL version 2 software offers many features, including more I/O capacity and improved 5.1 capabilities. The C100’s TouchPan system offers full 5.1 panning access from a central touch screen, with color-coded displays and full control of all surround parameters. The new software also comes with new channel TFT Graphics, which enhance the operator’s overview through per-channel display of processing, panning and source allocations.

Version 2 also supports new I/O expansion for the Centuri core, expanding the mic input capacity within the processing chassis.

For more information, visit www.nepinc.com and www.solid-state-logic.com.

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