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Thales introduces analog solid-state common amplification VHF, UHF transmitters

The Thales OPTIMUM covers analog power from 500W up to 60 KW and in digital from 125W to 15KW rms.

Thales Broadcast & Multimedia introduced its new line of common amplification analog UHF and VHF transmitters. These new transmitter configurations are an expansion of the current VHF Optimum and UHF Ultimate solid-state transmitter families.

Thales introduced the new Ultimate-CA and Optimum-CA lines after recognizing and understanding its customers’ current analog and future DTV conversion requirements. The result is a comprehensive range of liquid- and air-cooled transmitters addressing the current need for analog UHF or VHF (band III) replacement transmitters, along with the future need to minimize cost when converting these units to DTV operation.

Common amplification technology has been the norm in the low-power analog transmitter market for several years, but common amplification operation in medium-power solid-state applications has been held back until now for cost, efficiency, and performance reasons.

By incorporating the latest proven semiconductor technologies into Thales’ design architecture, medium-power common amplification operation in solid-state applications is now a reality.

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