Texas TV station goes tapeless

Texas TV station goes tapeless

KTXT-TV of Lubbock, Texas, has installed the Maitre D’ all digital broadcasting system from MaestroVision.

The Maitre D’ solution reduces maintenance time and on-air mistakes. It offers the broadcaster more flexibility and eliminates the need to be limited to a centralized operation. Both the traffic and acquisition departments can be located off site, and multi-site broadcasters can access all material from a central database.

Computer equipment used by the Maitre D’ system is PC-based and non-proprietary. Users can purchase equipment, boards and hard drives from a local source.

KTXT-TV will run a Maitre D’ system that consists of a 1-terabyte storage area network that holds up to 225 hours of on-line material. Its near-line data will be housed in a 370 DVD library offering a 3.5 terabyte capacity of 775 hours, for a total of one thousand hours of storage. Two video servers (one main, one back up) will send data through KTXT’s two master control switcher units that feed the station two outputs. Thousands of hours of off-line material can be stored on DVD’s that are inserted into the library via 50 capacity disk cartridges.

Satellite acquisition is another feature of Maitre D’. The system will automatically encode programs and features from satellites in the on-line capacity and then will be broadcast by the video servers when required. Material manipulation by operators will be no longer required.

As part of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the noncommercial network of 349 television stations, KTXT-TV plans to share material with its network partners by the simple click on a computer keyboard.

Maestovision’s mandate at KTXT-TV not only includes supplying the Maitre D’ system, but also covers full installation and a complete redesign and build of the station’s operations room.

For more information about the MaestroVision visit www.maestrovision.com.

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