Terrestrial DTV Launched in Taiwan

Digital TV was formally launched in Taiwan on July 1, 2004. Fourteen channels are now available from five different TV stations. A ChinaPost.com article, Digital TV telecasts formally launched in Taiwan noted that Government Information Office Director General Lin Chia-long "said for a period it looked as if the terrestrial television stations would become marginalized as cable television was so popular. But digital television had given Taiwan's terrestrial television stations a new lease of life."

Five terrestrial television stations, China Television Company (CTV), China Television Systems (CTS), Formosa Television (FTV), Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV) and the Public Television Service Foundation (PTV), were represented at the launch. The article outlines some of the plans for terrestrial DTV broadcasting in Taiwan but said that "Workers at some of the terrestrial television stations in the past have complained to The China Post that they lack funding to make enough programs to fill the new channels."