Teracom Components introduces UHF Hybrid Antenna system

Teracom Components' antenna solution contains cables, splitters, loads and antenna panels. The UHF Hybrid Antenna features antenna panels on four faces and the desired number of tiers. The antenna is divided into two halves that can be operated separately or combined into a single antenna. The panels are mounted on stainless steel plates that can be tailor-made to suit the user's tower requirements.

The system also prevents antenna radiation reflections and offers full isolation between different panels and tiers. Its phase rotation is not sensitive to icing and it is the same length of all element cables.

The hybrid system is based on a splitter system using the 3 dB-coupler principle. Each quarter wave coupler provides equal power division (-3 dB down compared to input) and also 90 degrees phase shift all over the band. The last four hybrid splitters (multi-couplers) in the chain consist of 3 x 3 dB-couplers. These multi-couplers are widebanded and are used as main splitters/tier splitters in the antenna system. Each tier is fed with equal power, but fed in `phase quadrature´ i.e. 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The 270 degrees is achieved by using an upside-down version of UHF panel.

The antenna panel design incorporates a 80 mm sideways offset.

For more information visit http://teracom-c.com

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