Televisi Republik Indonesia Improves Workflow With NVerzion

SALT LAKE CITY —Televisi Republik Indonesia, the government-owned television broadcaster that operates more than 22 regional television stations throughout Indonesia, has selected NVerzion NControl Lite to increase the efficiency and reliability of its file-based broadcast operations.

Utilizing the flexible and scalable automation system, TVRI can control third-party equipment and quickly deliver a high-quality on-air presentation.

The NVerzion NControl Lite software and hardware package used on TVRI channels 3 and 4 includes: the NGest professional dubbing and recording software application, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, dual NControl on-air transmission playlists for specialized schedule and program management of two transmission channels, the NBase SQL media database manager, the NView database viewer, Ethernet Machine Control and a workstation with dual VGA adapter and GPIO card.

“Being a large, government-run broadcast station that serves the entire country of Indonesia, it’s extremely important that we operate under an end-to-end, file-based workflow that is cost-effective and time-saving,” said Hadi Purwanto, on-air presentation manager at TVRI, adding that the system is “enabling us to manage our daily programming effectively in the on-air playlists, while performing the necessary record and prep functions for all prerecorded content. The end result is increased cost-savings and a consistent on-air presentation for our viewers.”

Installed by local system integrator Alfatech Broadcast Solutions at TVRI headquarters in Jakarta, NControl Lite runs on off-the-shelf hardware, enabling seamless integration with third-party equipment including playout servers and VTRs. Using NControl Lite, TVRI can perform file-based operations like ingest, segmenting and playlist creation. Operators simultaneously access content from an intuitive graphical user interface customizable for any of the 22 regional stations’ specific broadcast needs. In addition, NControl Lite features a highly scalable infrastructure that will grow to support TVRI's future needs.