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Telemetrics Offers Interface for Automation, Prompting Cos.

Telemetrics Inc. partnered with several suppliers of newsroom automation, production and teleprompting software systems to provide camera robotics interfaces for their equipment. Sundance Digital's Newslink V 2.0 newsroom automation system now offers Telemetrics camera robotic systems, and will debut at NAB2004.

The systems are also included in Comprompter's NewsKing, a Windows-based newsroom system that enables integrated automation for production devices, including captioning, still, CGs and now Telemetrics robotic cameras; Ross Video's OverDrive live production control system, also Windows-based and featuring dual touch screens; and Telescript's TeleScriptPRO, for activation of camera preset positions via the prompter's remote scroll hand controller and script coding. Anthony Cuomo, vice president of Telemetrics, said the camera robotic systems streamline production and provide advanced remote broadcasting capabilities.