Tascam upgrades DM 24 digital console

Tascam's DM 24 V2 operating system upgrades and enhances the operational capabilities and feature set of the console.

Tascam has announced a new "Version 2" software upgrade for its DM 24 digital audio console.

The DM 24 V2 operating system upgrade, enhances the operational capabilities and feature set of the console, which was introduced last year.

The 24 channel-8 bus configuration console provides 32-bit internal processing with 24/96 signal path, 16 newly designed high performance mic pre-amps, on-board automation, 100mm touch updateable moving faders, programmable 4-band parametric EQ, internal FX and dynamics, multiple I/O interface formats, and a level of production power for a fraction of the cost of any comparable system.

The V2 OS includes more than 20 additional features including:

  • HUI emulation mode enables comprehensive control of Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Nuendo and other DAW programs.
  • Improved 5.1 panning features, include low pass LFE filter, center channel percentage control, variable programmable circle and square surround panning patterns and "Jump" feature.
  • Virtually unlimited signal routing, with new assign and routing capabilities enabling up to 60 inputs at mixdown.
  • Post A/D Direct Out mode for unaffected levels to tape, for live recording from FOH mix position.

V2 additionally provides an internal MTC generator, transport lock, tape return capabilities to channels 25 thru 32, and pre aux muting function.

The software is available to all existing DM 24 owners and comes standard on all new consoles.

For more information visit www.tascam.com.

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