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Survey reveals confusion over HDTV among UK viewers

Confusion over what actually is and isn’t HDTV in the minds of viewers doesn’t seem to know national boundaries, if results from a new poll conducted of UK TV viewers by consumer electronics firm LG Electronics are any indication.

According to the research, more than 60 percent of those surveyed have not yet purchased an HDTV because of confusion. The survey revealed that 80 percent of people are confused over industry terminology, such as “HD-Ready” vs. “HD-Ready 1080p.”

Beyond terms, there’s confusion about substance as well. A quarter of the British polled don’t understand what HD is. Among this group, there’s the mistaken notion that owning a TV with an “HD-Ready” logo or a digital box assures that the programs watched are HD. The research found that consumers are suffering from information overload and struggling to keep up with the latest technology and jargon.

The results also show that HD content appears to be a major factor driving consumer awareness of HDTV. The World Cup in 2006 and the Summer Olympics created consumer interest, as does watching movies. Half of the respondents cited watching movies as the top reason to watch HD.

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