Survey: LCD Prices for Some Sizes Drop Below Plasma

According to research firm Pacific Media Associates, the typical street price for LCD sets and business displays (most of them HD) in the 40- to 44-inch category in North America dropped below HD plasma panel display units of the same size for the first time, starting in July.

PMA said that popular size range had always been dominated by plasma since LCD's price points were noticeably higher. But now with LCD screens now generally less expensive than comparable plasma units, on average, LCD's share of sales is growing quickly.

In July, the latest period that such stats are available, LCD sets in the 40- to 44-inch range climbed to 46 percent of the market, compared with 42 percent a couple of months earlier. PMA said the trend is likely to continue, and soon LCD will overtake plasma in the 50-inch range, as well, in lower pricing.

As a result, across all flat-panel units 30 inches or larger, LCD's share grew to 57 percent of the market. For flat-panel units of all sizes, Sony and Panasonic were locked in a virtual tie with for market share, both hovering around 20 percent, while Samsung was a close third in July.