Super Bowl XLII drives sale of 2.4 million HDTVs, CEA study says

A new Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) survey conducted prior to Super Bowl XLII revealed that the game would drive the sale of about 2.4 million HDTVs.

The Super Bowl has retained the title of top driver for HDTV purchases for three years running, generating some $2.2 billion in HDTV sales in 2008. This year’s survey results show the Super Bowl is followed by college bowl games, the World Series, NBA Finals and NCAA March Madness as drivers of HDTV purchases. The true impact of these sporting events on CE sales is even higher when factoring in consumer purchases of HD accessories, such as HDMI cables, universal remotes, surround-sound audio systems and mounting brackets.

The study also found that the Super Bowl experience does not end when the game clock expires. Fifty-seven percent of HDTV owners said they would go online after the game to view memorable moments or TV commercials.

CEA’s “Third Annual Sports and Technology” survey was fielded to an online national sample of 2278 U.S. adults Jan. 14–21, 2008. Results are weighted to reflect national online demographics. The survey was designed and formulated by CEA and the Sports Video Group.

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