Super Bowl to be Presented Worldwide in Neural-THX Surround

International Super Bowl fans will be able to hear the big game on Sunday in 5.1 surround thanks to a collaboration between the NFL and Neural-THX Surround.

Neural-THX allows broadcasters to deliver multichannel surround sound using minimal bandwidth over stereo channels. For the Super Bowl, the technology will allow the NFL’s on-site broadcast teams to produce the game in 5.1 surround sound then transmit the sound mix in a stereo format to audiences globally. Viewers can decode the 5.1 mix using any A/V receiver featuring Neural-THX Surround.

“We are very proud to be a part of the NFL’s efforts to expand the excitement and experience of professional football to the world,” said Geir Skaaden, CEO, of Neural Audio. “The NFL’s partnership with international broadcasters and their dedication to finding new technologies that make the game more accessible and enjoyable to the global audience should be commended.”