Super Bowl: NBC Taps Vision Research for HD Slo-Mo

NBC will be using Phantom digital high-speed cameras from Vision Research Inc. on Sunday to provide hi-def slow-motion replays during Super Bowl XLIII.

The Phantom cameras will be used as part of Inertia Unlimited X-Mo slow-motion replay systems, which were used to record crucial plays during last year’s Super Bowl XLII, including the infamous “helmet reception” by New York Giants’ David Tyree. NBC plans to do a feature on Tyree’s catch during NBC’s pre-game coverage starting at noon on Sunday.

Inertia Unlimited will use three Vision Research digital high-speed cameras for its X-Mo systems at this year’s game, including two Phantom V10’s and the Phantom V12.1. In HD, Inertia Unlimited will use the Phantom cameras to record key plays of the game at speeds ranging from 300 fps to 600 fps, resulting in playback that is 1.5 to three times slower than that provided by other standard slow-motion cameras, according to the company.

Each Phantom digital high-speed camera will be outfitted with a B4 mount broadcast zoom lens and will be positioned strategically throughout Raymond James Stadium, including one on the 50 yard line.

At high-definition resolution, the Phantom V12.1 can record 6,933 fps in wide aspect radio. For unique applications and at lower resolutions, the camera can go faster, maxing out at 1 million fps.