Study: Only One-Million Homes Using Wireless HD by 2012

Slowly joining the wireless world over the next several years will be some form of wireless HD in the home and office, according to a new survey. Right now fewer than 100,000 wireless HD devices are expected to be shipped in 2008, but this seeding of units could serve as an “incubation” platform for more wireless devices to follow, according to ABI Research.

ABI projects that 2012 will be the earliest year for reaching a milestone of one million wireless HD installations installed globally. Yet that’s hardly a large number worldwide and slowing its progress, says ABI, is a “battle of technologies” among three contending systems: 5 GHz, 60 GHz, and ultra-wideband (UWB).

According to ABI, “5 GHz technology is better understood and more proven—but achieving the required data rates requires new approaches and more complex solutions. UWB technology has bandwidth advantages at in-room distances but drops rapidly at greater ranges. [And] 60 GHz allows high data rates, but so far only one company is even close to a viable solution.”

ABI said wireless HD would simplify some TV installations and allow more flexibility in positioning screens, and would be consumer-friendly for wall-mounted units and commercial applications, such as digital signage.