Stealthscope provides inspirational sports angles

Stealthscope, a new aerial camera system that provides dramatic POV shots, made its broadcast debut last month at TNT's NBA broadcast of the Phoenix Suns vs. Memphis Grizzlies in Memphis, TN.

Stealth Aerial Cameras of Winter Park, FL, and Actua Systems of Owatonna, MN, launched the new camera positioning system for unique sports coverage, adding another perspective for sports fans at the arena and at home.

The integrated system combines Stealth's proprietary camera stabilization system and Actua's PositionIT positioning system, which allows a camera to be raised up to 22ft.

PositionIT offers a compact form factor using a design that zips three steel ribbons together to form a rigid column. The technology has its roots in the space program, emerging from NASA's efforts to develop lightweight actuators for space station and exploration applications.

For arena events like basketball, the Stealthscope descends from inside the scoreboard, providing inspirational shots from as low as 10ft above the court without interfering with game play or permanently obstructing sight lines.

The system rapidly ascends when play movement requires. It can also operate from the ground upward. Stealth's stabilization system allows for full camera control for both fixed and moving shots.

In addition to Stealthscope's use in basketball, Stealth and Actua are deploying their system for hockey, baseball, football, boxing, auto racing and a broad range of other sports and live events in the coming months.

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