Starz Demands Tandberg

Starz Entertainment has selected the MediaPath Secure Content Delivery System from Tandberg Television to deliver the content for its on-demand services. The upgrade provides Starz with DVB-S2 satellite delivery and other enhanced features, enabling Starz to deliver more content to its affiliates at faster rates.

Starz On Demand, Encore On Demand, and MoviePlex On Demand are now delivered from Starz to its affiliates using the Tandberg Classic MediaPath system.

Starz Entertainment's Barry Draeger, content delivery security engineer and Andrew Hildebrandt, VOD operations specialist, work the Tandberg gear,

Since MediaPath now supports MPEG-4 AVC and virtually all other formats, Starz may support more delivery methods to its affiliates and offer a wider selection of content.

"Staying competitive in the entertainment business means offering what viewers want, often before they know they want it. For Starz, that means we are constantly seeking ways to expand our programming options and searching for new technology to increase our competitive edge," said Ray Milius, senior vice president of programming and IT operations at Starz.