Sports Remain Big Draw of Pay-TV

STAMFORD, CONN.—While streaming content online is becoming increasingly popular and a reason for many customers to ‘cut the cord’ on pay-TV, sports remains one of the biggest reasons customers stick with the traditional broadcasting model, and in some cases, even return to it. A recent survey from Frank N. Magid Associates revealed that 88 percent of viewers watch sports on their TV through broadcast networks, cable or general entertainment networks. Nearly two in five cord-cutters said that sports would be a reason they return to a pay-TV subscription. These findings come from a survey conducted for ONE World Sports, ‘America’s Network for Global Sports.’

However, there is still some growth among those watching sports on the Internet, just not as large as other areas of entertainment. About 37 percent of sports fans said they watched sports streamed online ‘often;’ 57 percent said they watch sports online in any way at all. The most popular ways for people to watch sports online include computer (37 percent), OTT video delivery to a TV (26 percent), tablets (25 percent) and smartphones (25 percent).

“Sports remains the most DVR-proof form of content,” said Alexander Brown, president and CEO of ONE World Sports. “Whatever the format, the findings support that people want to watch sports live and on the best, typically largest and most crisp available screen.”

The survey was conducted this past summer with 3,200 participants between the ages of 18 and 64.