SpectraRep Datacasting System Helps Share Public Safety Info

CHANTILLY, VA.—SpectraRep did its part to help both the Houston Office of Public Safety and the Department of Homeland security share video and data during Super Bowl LI via its IncidentOne datacasting technology. The IncidentOne delivered encrypted public safety video and data to emergency responders by using the broadcast TV signal from public broadcaster KUHT-TV in Houston.

SpectraRep was able to help deliver video, files and emergency alerts without using internet or cell phone spectrum. The signal from KUHT-TV allowed SpectraRep to pool cameras in the area to deliver encrypted and targetable video. The IncidentOne system also provided the ability to integrate cell phone video that can be securely transmitted to targeted recipients over the KUHT television broadcast.

The Houston area has reportedly been using SpectraRep’s datacasting technology for more than a year. IncidentOne was supported by funding from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate and is being developed in partnership with the America's Public Television Stations.