Sound Devices 664 and CL-6 Capture the Sound of Reality

CHICAGO—The draw of reality TV is that it is unpredictable; you never know who is going to do or say what next. For field mixer Sharon Frye, however, that means having as many available tracks to record is important. As a result, Frye turned to Sound Devices 664 and CL-6 products to make sure she captured everything on the Oxygen reality show “Bad Girls Club.”

Sharon Frye with the Sound Devices 664

Needing to track seven girls living together under one roof, the 664 is able to record 16 tracks of audio to SD or CompactFlash memory cards. Combined with the CL-6 input control expansion accessory, the mixer gains six more rotary faders with PFL switches, LED metering and illuminated transport controls. In addition, the user interface is easy to read, making it ideal when shooting in any lighting situations.

With the ability to be both mixer and recorder, the 664 was the only recorder that Frye used during the 24/7 filming schedule.

Sound Devices designs and manufactures portable audio mixers, digital audio recorders and related equipment for film and TV applications. The company is based out of Reedsburg, Wis.