Sony's XDCAM gains momentum

Sony's XDCAM camera

Sony’s new optical disc recording format, the XDCAM, has sold more than 3500 units worldwide.

The company also demonstrated a variety of third-party XDCAM supporters, including those previously announced (Apple, Avid and Pinnacle Systems,) and new partners Dalet, Gee Broadcast and Incite.

In addition to several HDCAM (HDW-730S) and HDCAM SR (HDW-D2000) products, Sony also showed a working model of its new HDV format, three-chip camcorder, capable of recording 1080i HD images on a miniDV tape. A growing collection of nonlinear editing systems, from such companies as Apple, Avid, Canopus, Pinnacle, Sobey and Ulead, were also shown working in the Sony stand. Sony said users could also incorporate HDV material into the HDCAM via an external converter available from Miranda Technologies.

CBS Television recently announced that it is adopting Sony's XDCAM Professional Disc technology as its ENG platform for CBS News and the CBS owned and operated stations (See CBS commits to Sony's XDCAM for ENG).

Sony will offer an HD version of its XDCAM recording product family early next year.

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