Sony intros new MiniDV USB streaming camcorder

Sony Electronics has introduced a new compact consumer camcorder that can record video, still images or serve as USB streaming device for live or recorded video. It’s lightweight and array of features are sure to attract the attention of newsgathering crews working in remote areas where easy portability is essential.

The new Sony DCR-PC105 Mini DV Handycam weighs 16 ounces, uses a one-megapixel imager with 520 lines of horizontal resolution. It incorporates an intelligent pop-up flash for use when shooting (1152 X 864) still images in low light situations.

With the USB streaming feature, users of the DCR-PC105 stream live or recorded video directly to a PC, and employ video conferencing software, such as the Microsoft Windows NetMeeting application.

The camera features a 10X optical/120X digital zoom lens, the ability to shoot in near total darkness via infrared, and a touch panel 2.5-inch swivel hybrid LCD display with access to its entire menu. The hybrid LCD allows for increased visibility in outdoor lighting situations such as bright sunlight.

The DCR-PC105 also comes equipped with MPEG Movie EX, which allows it to capture mini-movies with audio onto Memory Stick media up to the length of the media's capacity. Video clips can either be captured directly onto Memory Stick media, or recorded on tape and later converted in-camera to MPEG1. These clips can be easily shared via e-mail attachment or on Web sites.

The DCR-PC105 will be available in June. For more information visit

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