Sony Expands XAVC for 4K Development

LAS VEGAS -- Sony said it has selected long GOP (4K 4:2:0 and HD 4:2:2) as choice of high-efficiency codec to serve more widely the requirements of the content production market. In addition, to serve the consumer market, XAVC S employing MP4 wrapping format is also introduced as this expansion of XAVC, the recording format introduced by Sony last fall. The company said that XAVC has been “widely adopted in the market” with the shipment of more thank 2,000 CineAlta 4K cameras as of the end of this month. Sony said the expansion will encourage growth of 4K content in the consumer market.

The XAVC S profile comprises

  • Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160), HD, and proxy
  • Compression: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
  • Wrapping format: MP4
  • Audio: Linear PCM and AAC

Manufacturers can decide which profile and operating point of XAVC they will implement in their products.

XAVC was introduced as an open format, to serve as a driver to promote and establish 4K content production infrastructure. A license program is proposed not only for editing software manufacturers but also for hardware manufacturers. Currently, more than 60 manufacturers have filed a request to become a licensee, and 31 manufacturers’ products plan on their support for Sony XAVC format and workflow.

These include Abekas, Adobe, Assimilate, AstroDesign, Aid, Blackmagic, Cinegy, Codex Digital, Colorfront, Cyberlink, Digital Vision, EVS, Fairlight, FilmLight, Final Cut Pro X, Firefly Cinema, Grass Valley, Harris, IBEX, Imagination Technologies, Matrox, MTI Film, Pegasys, Quantel, Rohde & Scharz, Rovi MainConcept, Sakura Eiki, Sobey Digital Technology, Sony Vegas Pro, YoYotta and Zaxel.

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