Sony Camera Used to 'Defy Gravity'

ABC TV’s new "Defying Gravity" series is being produced with Sony’s F35 high-definition camera. The production team wished to capture the look and feel of a six-year spacecraft voyage through the solar system and decided on the Sony camera after evaluating high-end cameras in a side-by-side comparison test.

"The F35 was the hands-down winner for ‘Defying Gravity,’" said Michael Edelstein, the show’s executive producer. "It had the best image quality and great 35mm depth of field. We had a tremendous amount of visual effects and the F35 is a fantastic digital camera for heavy green screen VFX work."

Edelstein added that he was quite impressed with the way the camera system rendered flesh tones and its ability to impart a cinema-like quality to the production.

"This camera rendered the most attractive flesh tones on our actors, which is an area where most other digital cameras fall short," Edelstein said. "The F35 gave us a beautiful ‘filmic’ look. The shallow depth of field made our actors and sets look fantastic and the variable speed performance gave us a great deal of flexibility to achieve the weightless look of outer space."

"Defying Gravity" premiered Aug. 2.