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Sony Adds NBC-U Content to PlayStation

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a deal with NBC Universal to add hi-def movies and primetime television programming from the studio to Sony’s PlayStation Network.

The PlayStation Network, which has more than 20 million registered users worldwide, allows users of Sony’s PlayStation and PlayStation Portable (PSP) systems to download, via broadband, standard-def and HD programming from “every major motion picture studio” according to Sony. With the addition of NBC-U’s content, the video delivery service now hosts more than 1,300 movies and more than 4,500 TV episodes, many available in both SD and HD. Purchased content can be shared on multiple devices, including PS3 and PSP systems per PlayStation Network account, depending on the type of content purchased. It also allows users to transfer SD content from a PS3 system to PSPs. PlayStation 3 systems also include Blu-ray players.

NBC-U’s content will be available in varying price points depending on whether the content is in SD or HD.

Movie titles include “Role Models” and the Academy-Award nominated film “Milk,” both of which are now offered for download to own. Other movies, including “Hellboy II: The Golden Army,” and “The Incredible Hulk” will also be offered for download to own (in SD) or to rent in both SD and HD. NBC-U television programs available on the PlayStation Network include “The Office,” “Heroes” and “30 Rock,” as well as Sci-Fi Channel’s “Battlestar Galactica” and “Eureka.”

“In just over seven months our video delivery service has grown by leaps and bounds, making PlayStation the premier purveyor of online movie and television content for nearly 9 million PlayStation Network registered accounts in the US,” said Peter Dille, senior vice president of Marketing and PlayStation Network, SCEA. “The addition of NBC Universal television content adds to our Network's diversity while Universal Studios Home Entertainment's movies establishes PlayStation Network as a premiere platform to access content from every major motion picture studio.”