Sonacom Installs Fairlight Xynergi

Sonacom has invested in four Fairlight Xynergi systems in order to integrated audio and video in each of its HD 5.1 surround sound studios.

The French post-production house made the decision to switch to Xynergi driven by the need for a fast editing and mixing interface that would allow it to speed up workflow while maintaining stability and synchronisation.

The equipment was purchased via Fairlight's French distributor, EuroMedia Technologies, which also provided technical support during the installation process.

Alongside its four Xynergi media production centres with Pyxis track SD/HD Video, Sonacom has also installed six Xynergi 12 fader Sidecars with metering units, five SX-48 MADI interfaces and a centralised AudioBase3, which is localised onto two large 16TB redundant servers.