Snell Switcher Takes Work Out of Mixing SD, HD

WLOS Channel 13’s premiere HD newscast will run a little smoother thanks to their new Snell Kahuna SD/HD production switcher.

The deal was the result of a decision made by parent broadcasting company Sinclair Broadcast Group, who had recently opted to standardize all news operations through the Kahuna. Chosen for its quick and efficient delivery and ability to seamlessly mix SD and HD content without additional equipment, WLOS 13’s Kahuna will be joined by new playout systems and Panasonic HD cameras.

It was a match made in heaven according to WLOS chief engineer Rollin Tompkins, "We needed a multiformat solution that would allow us to continue to use our SD sources, which we will be relying on for the foreseeable future, and the Kahuna switcher fit the bill perfectly."

Serving the western Carolinas, ABC affiliate WLOS 13 broadcasts 30.5 hours of HD news every week.