Sky Angel Taps Algolith for Noise Reduction

Sky Angel, a provider of Christian TV and radio programming, has selected the Algolith line of standard definition noise reduction cards to enhance its video processing.

Sky Angel will deploy the Algogear VNR-1000-SD cards throughout its facility to eliminate MPEG artifacts and MPEG noise from its digital programming. Specifically, the algorithms within the VNR-1000 cards will help remove digital noise, DCT-based or mosquito noise, and block artifacts that result from analog to digital conversion, recording equipment, atmospheric conditions or data compression. The VNR-1000-SD Quad Video Noise Reduction Cards allows for four independent channels to be processed simultaneously, giving broadcasters more channel processing density than any other solution on the market today, significantly reducing cost per channel, according to Montreal-based Algolith.

Sky Angel will install Algogear VNR-1000-SD cards in several locations, with the majority in its new DBS/IPTV Network Operations Center in Cleveland, Tenn. The cards are housed in a 2RU openGear frame and will be used as a video pre-processor to the company’s DBS and IPTV encoders.