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SJP announces recipients of 2003 Sigma Delta Chi Awards

The Society of Professional Journalists has announced the recipients of the 2003 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

In the 2003 contest, 49 winners were named from more than 1,350 entries. The awards will be presented July 9 during a banquet at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

2003 Sigma Delta Chi Award recipients in television journalism are:

  • Breaking News Coverage (Network/Top 25 Markets): "Columbia Disaster," Dan Billow and WESH-TV News Staff of WESH-TV in Orlando, FL.
  • Breaking News Coverage (All other markets): "Firestorm 2003," The Staff of KGTV in San Diego, CA.
  • Investigative Reporting (Network/Top 25 Markets): "Honor and Betrayal: Scandal at the Academy," Kurt Silver, Jason Foster, John Ferrugia and Jeff Harris of KMGH-TV in Denver, CO.
  • Investigative Reporting (All other markets): "Perks of Power: The UT President," Phil Williams & Bryan Staples of WTVF-TV in Nashville, TN.
  • Feature Reporting (Network/Top 25 Markets): "Everybody Has a Story," Steve Hartman of CBS News in New York City.
  • Feature Reporting (All other markets): "Nicole's Story," Wanda Dudley and Russ Hnatusko of WNDU-TV in South Bend, IN.
  • Documentaries (Network/Top 25 Markets): "Brothers in Arms: The Untold Story of One Marine Company in Iraq," John Kennedy, Joan Martelli and Mike Cerre of ABC News Primetime Thursday in New York City.
  • Documentaries (All other markets): "Finding Family," Jeff Hirsh and Jeff Barnhill of WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Public Service in Television Journalism (Network/Top 25 Markets): "Sudden Impact: Ripple Effects of Drunk Driving," Tom Brokaw, Soraya Gage, Monica Leas and Marc Rosenwasser of Dateline NBC in New York City.
  • Public Service in Television Journalism (All other markets): "Cincinnati Archdiocese Investigation," Laure Quinlivan, Phil Drechsler, Bob Morford and Kevin Roach of WCPO-TV in Cincinnati.

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