Shotoku enhances camera control systems with new features

Shotoku has enhanced its camera control systems with the introduction of upgrades to its TR-T Touch Control System and CMC camera motion controller, and its Digiport Third-Party Expansion unit that integrates with third-party products to expand the capability of integrated remote camera systems.

The new upgrade to the TR-T touch control system allows more complex facility-wide installations. Increasingly, large operations require flexibility to enable any control system in any location to be rapidly reconfigured in order to control cameras and related studio gear in other physical locations. The TR-T system now makes the task of reconfiguration even easier and quicker.

Automated functions in the TR-T system allow precise control over shot recall, with minimal intervention, enabling an operator to truly multitask, without losing any of the on-air flexibility normally associated with dedicated camera operators.

Shotoku also enhanced the performance of the Camera Motion Controller (CMC), making the self-contained head, height and lens controller more flexible in terms of remote configuration and support for interfaces to all types of lenses. Users can utilize any type, age and manufacturer of lens. Regardless of the interface used, the CMC can be configured to match the installed lens and can be adjusted to support a future lens change.

Digiport also enables any Shotoku control system to integrate with numerous third-party systems and devices. It has the ability to control a wide range of third-party systems ranging from legacy Radamec Broadcast Systems robotic systems to rail track cameras and specialist outdoor heads. Connection to third-party devices may be via serial (232/422) or TCP/IP Ethernet connections.