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Shooting Star Video creates ‘film-like, organic’ look for clients with Panasonic AG-AF100

Director of photography Jeff Regan, principal of Shooting Star Video in Foster City, CA, has purchased two Panasonic AG-AF100 large imager HD cinema camcorders to serve clients in the San Francisco Bay area.

In the months since taking delivery of the AF100s, Regan has served as DP on projects for top tech companies seeking the selective focus of a large sensor video camera.

“I’m happy to see that clients are looking for more film-like, organic imagery for all types of corporate productions,” said Regan. “Our AF100s have been used by a variety of Silicon Valley companies for assignments, including retail consumer online marketing, comedic vignettes in a viral campaign, in-house communications, dramatic vignettes, product shots, customer testimonials, a how-to video and an electronic press kit.”

According to Regan, the small size and low weight of the AF100 offer flexibility for mounting it on sliders, camera stabilizers, small dollies, and fitting into small places. “The vast number of lens options adds a lot of stylistic choices, be they micro 4/3in specific lenses, 35mm SLR primes or PL-mount Cine zooms,” he said.

“The ability to use any kind of lens I want — cine to consumer to professional SLR — is the most fun for me as a DP,” Regan said. “I most often use our Nikon 35mm SLR primes and Arri Alura Cine Zoom and also utilize specialized macro lenses and super wide fisheyes.”

The AF100 delivers film-like shallow depth of field and the wider field of view of a large imager. It can accommodate a growing list of professional quality, industry-standard micro 4/3in lenses, filters and adapters. The full HD 1080/720 production camera offers native 1080/24p recording, variable frame rates, professional audio capabilities and compatibility with SDHC and SDXC media.