Shooting Star Video Adds Panasonic AG-AF100s

Panasonic has announced that Jeff Regan, director of photography, and principal of Foster City, Calif.-based Shooting Star Video has purchased two AG-AF100 large imager HD cinema camcorders. The unit was designed to meet the needs of film and video production companies wanting a film-like shallow depth of field and wider range of view provided by a large imaging sensor.

“The AF100 delivers freedom from the compromises of DSLRs and 35mm depth-of-field (DOF) adapters in a very reliable, feature-rich, affordable package, with the flexibility to use just about any lens imaginable,” Regan said.

The AG-AF100 operates in both 1080 and 720 line standards and can provide native 1080/24p capture and recording capability. It also offers variable frame rate operation and is compatible with SDHC and SDXC media.

“The small size and low weight of the AF100 offer lots of flexibility for mounting it on sliders, camera stabilizers, small dollies, and fitting into small places,” said Regan. “The vast number of lens options adds a lot of stylistic choices, be they micro 4/3-inch specific lenses, 35mm SLR primes or PL-mount cine zooms.”

Since taking delivery of the new camcorders, Regan has used them on projects for a number of companies who sought the selective focus afforded by the large imager technology.