Shanghai Media Entertainment Group selects Dolby Digital

A Dolby Digital decoder is being used to transmit surround sound audio for Shanghai Media Entertainment Group’s Orient Movie Channel.

The Shanghai Media Entertainment Group (SMEG) has selected Dolby to provide its Dolby Digital surround audio technology for China’s first channel to broadcast 5.1 sound.

SMEG introduced its Dolby Digital 5.1 service on its Orient Movie Channel at the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival June 13. It hosted a launch party that evening to celebrate and publicize the new service.

Since 2003, SMEG has been preparing for the advent of surround sound broadcasting in China by training mixers to produce content in 5.1 and upgrading facilities to handle the new audio streams. SMEG’s movie channel was selected for the kickoff of its 5.1 broadcasting service because of the growing library of Dolby Digital 5.1 encoded films.

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