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Set-top box shipments spike, says In-Stat

The digital set-top box market has been one of the fastest growing market segments in the consumer electronics industry over the past decade, and 2007 was no exception, according to market research group In-Stat.

Strong demand from free-to-air satellite service, coupled with the expanding availability of digital cable TV and IPTV services, fueled a record-setting number of digital set top box unit shipments.

According to recent In-Stat research:

  • Worldwide digital set-top box unit shipments reached 143 million in 2007, up from 121 million the prior year.
  • Satellite set-top box unit shipments accounted for a bit more than 50 percent of all global digital set-top box unit shipments last year, while digital cable set-top boxes made up 29 percent of total unit shipments.
  • Worldwide digital set-top box product revenues hit $14 billion in 2007, an increase of $3 billion over 2006 revenues.

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