Senator Seeks to Extend Coupon Lifespan

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) has asked FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to modify the government’s digital-to-analog converter subsidy program. The Buffalo News reports that Schumer sent Martin a letter urging the chairman to void the expiration dates on the coupons, which are good for just 90 days after date of issue.

Since the coupon program went into effect last February, more than 33.6 million of the $40 coupons have been mailed. Around 14.6 million have been redeemed, while more than 11 million have expired. People have been told they are pretty much out of luck when that happens. Greg More of Somerset, N.J. told Television Broadcast that he ordered but never received coupons, and was given the same message.

Ironically, it was Congress that set the shot clock at 90 days, not the FCC, so Martin has little leverage to change the law.