Senator Burns Asks FCC to Cut 700 MHz Service Area Size

Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) recently sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin requesting that the 700 MHz TV spectrum be divided into smaller geographic service areas to allow small wireless communications companies to compete for business and offer services in underserved areas.

"Access to advanced telecommunications services will also increase if the 700 MHz spectrum for wireless communications is divided into smaller areas, allowing for new, smaller competitors to offer wireless services, including broadband, to underserved, rural areas," the senator told Martin. "Cellular phones and the Internet have fundamentally changed the lives of all Americans who have access to them for the better, and I am working hard to make sure that every American has access to them. I want every Montanan, every American to be able to participate in and benefit from the economy of the future."

The letter was praised by Rural Telecommunications Group CEO Jessica Bridges, who said, "RTG is pleased that Senator Burns is championing the cause of smaller licensing areas for small and rural wireless carriers." She also said this will "...ensure that those carriers most ready and capable of providing service in rural areas utilizing the spectrum are positioned to do so."

For more information on 700 MHz services, see the FCC Lower 700 MHz Service Web page.