Senate confirms Adelstein for FCC term

Jonathan Adelstein, a former staffer for outgoing Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, was approved for a full term at the FCC in a vote in last Sunday.

Adelstein was re-nominated by President Bush in a deal with Democrats over approval of pending judgeships and other appointments. His term runs through June 30, 2008.

He has served on the five-member commission since December 2002, when he was picked to fill the final six months of a term vacated by commissioner Gloria Tristani. When that term expired in June 2003, Daschle forwarded Adelstein’s name to the White House for a full term.

But as Republicans and Democrats battled over the stalling of judicial and executive nominees, the 42-year-old Adelstein has spent nearly a year and a half in limbo. That ended last week, when President Bush announced he was sending Adelstein’s nomination to the Senate along with 17 others picked for various posts in his administration.

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