Secure Channels Creates Entertainment Security Operations Center

IRVINE, CALIF.—With major hacks recently occurring to companies like HBO and Sony, Secure Channels Inc. is announcing the launch of an Entertainment Security Operations Center, a centralized hub for the secure management of entertainment industry content. ESOC was created to provide clients with an automated architecture that provides a safe and secure environment to access and share content using SCI’s security technologies.

The ESOC hub is located in Los Angeles and houses a “tier 3” data center infrastructure, which when combined with dark fiber tethering enables ESOC’s solutions and scalability options. Clients using ESOC can protect pre-release scripts, content and other intellectual property from non-members involved in content production.

Within ESOC’s exclusive membership model, every company or person that will access sensitive content must become a member of ESOC through an identification process and can handle content only within that secure environment. Data, files and emails require authorized access through exclusive membership via a centralized SOC.

Members who utilize ESOC’s service will also qualify for more cyber security insurance coverage mitigating their risks of damages by using the cyber security platform. Members will be able to apply for coverage from three major carriers through their membership in ESOC.

The ESOC is a result from a partnership between producer Shaun Redick and Deirdre Murphy, the chief brand officer of Secure Channels Inc., who will run the ESOC space.