SeaChange’s new server platform extends VOD for IP networks

SeaChange International has introduced its new MediaCluster “EdgeNode” server, enabling IP broadband operators to deploy on-demand services with a low initial investment.

With this new standards-based server, telecommunications companies and other high-speed network providers can cost-effectively deliver VOD to televisions and PCs.

The EdgeNode server enables broadband operators to economically initiate on-demand television — with fast-forward, rewind and pause control — starting with fewer than 1000 viewers and scaling up to millions. In a compact four rack-unit package, the new server delivers from 200 to over 800 video streams at standard-definition quality, with storage capacity up to 2.5 TB.

Combined with SeaChange’s MediaCluster technology, EdgeNode servers can provide more than 6,000 video streams and over 19 TB of storage in a standard 19-inch rack. Alternatively, the servers can also support the deployment of on-demand services in highly distributed network topologies.

The VOD system supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 streams as well as H.264 and Microsoft Windows Media 9, for streaming on-demand movies and television programs over a variety of networks, including DSL, FTTH, fixed wireless and HFC-DOCSIS cable networks. Additionally, it is integrated with a wide variety of third-party set-top boxes, middleware and billing applications, conditional access and digital rights management systems, broadcast encoders and network components.

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