SeaChange DTV tour stops at CES 2004

The Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2004, in Las Vegas was the latest stop for SeaChange International's Digital Television Tour, an 18-wheel truck that has traveled around the country for the past year in an effort to bring attention to the cable television industry's video-on-demand services.

At CES 2004 in Las Vegas, the SeaChange truck provided hands-on VOD demonstrations in support of the industry's “Only Cable Can” campaign.

Most recently, SeaChange's DTV truck hosted a series of Comcast Cable events in December to promote its upcoming “Comcast On Demand” VOD services in central California and the San Francisco Bay Area. The new services, planned for launch this year, are made possible due to Comcast’s newly upgraded cable systems and digital video server systems that leverage advanced MediaCluster technology from SeaChange.

In its second year on the road, the DTV truck enables cable television operators to showcase emerging digital television opportunities that include DVD-on-demand, high-definition VOD and a variety of interactive advertising capabilities. This state-of-the-art multimedia presentation truck features a 20-seat multimedia theater, a fully integrated broadcast facility and a digital cable head-end that emulates television operators’ digital infrastructure investment.

At CES 2004, the SeaChange truck provided hands-on VOD demonstrations in support of the industry's “Only Cable Can” campaign. Organized by Cable & Telecommunications Association of Marketers (CTAM), “Only Cable Can” promotes cable's strategic digital services: VOD, high-speed internet access and an array of high-definition television channels.

“Cable's digital networks and VOD services are delivering tremendous consumer advantages and making television a more ‘personal’ experience,” said James Kelso, vice president, broadband systems, SeaChange. “Our Truck is a tool helping the industry to demonstrate the exciting services rolling out in major markets throughout the country. SeaChange is doing its part to support awareness of the pervasive changes in television that bring new empowerment to viewers.”

While in Las Vegas, and in support of CTAM’s activities at the show, James Kelso was tapped to address several conference audiences on the rise of on-demand television, the economics of on-demand business models and the technologies required to make it work.

SeaChange provides automated, fault-resilient digital video systems for broadcasters’ on-demand business. The company said its VOD Systems now provide more than 750,000 on-demand streams in over 100 deployments (including 17 of the top 25 television markets) for North America's largest cable operators. They include Adelphia, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications, Insight, Mediacom, RCN, Rogers and Time Warner Cable.

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