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Scripps Uses Anystream's Agility for Broadband Content

Scripps Networks is using Anystream's Agility production suite to create broadband television content from its premium cable network inventory.

Agility enables 24/7, automated creation of all broadband video available on Scripps' on-line content sites including, and It also frees Scripps' editors of routine functions like inserting cross-channel promotions or advertisement by handling the entire workflow without manual intervention.

Since installing Agility, Scripps said it's been able to regain 40 hours of editing time a week from its nonlinear editing systems and decreased the need to outsource encoding; a savings in excess of $100,000 for some of Scripps' business units.

"Before Anystream, our production process was like harvesting 100 acres of wheat with a sickle," said Scripps vice president of research and development Bryan Fails. "Since the launch of Agility, we can input video content once and send it out everywhere. The system saves time and money while enabling us to spin the flavors we require."