Screen Time Classics restores vintage film and TV shows with da Vinci

Screen Time Classics, a film-distribution label and post-production company specializing in restoration of classic film titles and television shows for presentation in HD, recently opened its doors in Schaumburg, IL.

At the heart of the 30,000sq ft facility is da Vinci's new Resolve FX digital mastering suite, selected to handle the restoration and mastering needs for high-resolution digital scans of films and television shows.

The Resolve FX digital mastering suite provides nonlinear image enhancement and 4K resolution capabilities along with creative color tools enhanced far beyond previous-generation systems. Calibrated, high-resolution 4K scans are converted into digital files and transferred onto disk. Processing is then done in a shared digital environment with da Vinci tools, including Revival restoration, minimizing the handling of fragile film elements by multiple workstations.

For more information, visit www.screentimeclassics.comand