School Cleans Up Its Act with Algolith

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) in Maryland have struck a deal with Algolith to keep profanity off of its broadcasts.

The Algogear Profanity Cleaner and Delay System was chosen to help delay live audio and video content as an effort to block malfunctions, obscenities or wardrobe problems from its viewers. FCPS is comprised of over 40,000 students and television broadcasting has become a useful medium for reaching everyone. FCPS Television Department broadcasts are also viewable on Frederick County’s Comcast channel 18.

Last month saw the premiere of Board Chat, a live call-in program, which made the need for a delay system even greater. “With parents as part of the audience as well as being participants in our live call-in show, shielding their children from unexpected profanity is essential to the program’s viability,” said FCPS television manager Tim Dean. “We feel more confident and secure with a system like this in place that we are acting on behalf of the best interests of the community, especially younger members of our audience.”