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ScheduALL to show collaborative ERM application

At the 2011 NAB Show, ScheduALL will show its ERM application, which allows its clients to connect and collaborate across a global network in real time.

With ERM, users can view, book and manage projects around the clock by using the inventories of ScheduALL partners located anywhere in the world. For example, if a facility is operating at maximum capacity, it can locate enterprise business units offering complementary skill sets or value adds to accelerate delivery, maximize profits and leverage the highest ROI by location and project.

Also being shown at the show is AVvA (Accurately Verify Vendor Availability), a free, Web-based collaboration cloud that enables media and broadcast industry players, from independent contractors through enterprise-level organizations, to connect and partner on any project in real time.

AVvA enables freelancers, equipment providers, truck companies and other third-party providers to selectively promote their services, resources and pricing tiers to whomever they choose within the AVvA partner network, which results in streamlined booking, invoicing and payment delivery, the company said.

AVvA also enables broadcasters, media companies and other organizations to identify the resources they need, selected by specialty, location or price. In addition, as an almost open-source platform, AVvA continuously incorporates updates and enhancements suggested via community feedback.

ScheduALL users can control costs, monitor budgets, connect workgroups, enhance communications, minimize duplication, reduce human error and make better-informed business decisions. In addition, as a core system, ScheduALL can interface with back-office accounting, human resource and ERP systems, creating in a 360-degree cost control and reporting functionality that drives business analysis and increased efficiencies.