SBS Using TeamCast Exciter for ATSC 3.0 Trial

RENNES, FRANCE—Korean TV broadcaster Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has acquired TeamCast’s exTra3.0 terrestrial exciter, according to the terrestrial and satellite modulation technology provider. SBS will reportedly use this new exciter to test the ATSC 3.0 standard.


The exTra3.0 exciter is a real-time, stand-alone terrestrial exciter that is fully software upgradeable. It has integrated features such as Digital Adaptive Precorrection for RF signal performances, Automatic Gain Control to adapt radiated RF signal levels, and both forward and reflected power measurements.

SBS will use the exTra3.0 for the broadcaster’s testing of ATSC 3.0 technology during the standard finalization period, per Eric Pinson, TeamCast’s business unite manager. ATSC 3.0 offers support for UHD/higher content delivery, personalization and interactivity, and more flexible usage, i.e. fixed, portable and mobile usage.