SBE Launches Frequency Coordination Software

The Society of Broadcast Engineers has developed the SBE Toolbox, a software tool designed for local, regional and event frequency coordinators.

"Frequency coordinators provide an important, if not largely transparent service to the broadcast community by facilitating licensee to licensee communication to coordinate frequency use for their wireless broadcast equipment. Without their efforts, many regular remote news reports, breaking news and sports events would suffer from interference," said Ralph Beaver, SBE Frequency Coordination chairman.

SBE Toolbox enables users to import records used in the organization's former DOS-based software. It automatically calculates distance and bearing from latitude and longitude and offers automatic e-mail and letter-writing features as well as wireless mic and built-in IFB tables.
Also, the software uses a runtime version of Filemaker Pro, eliminating the need for extra software.

Frequency coordinators who did not attend the NAB meetings may contact the SBE National Office at (317) 846-9000 for a copy.