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Satellite Update – May 1, 2009

From FCC Report SAT-00597:

  • • New Skies Satellites BV filed an application to amend its Petition for Declaratory Ruling requesting extended C-band operation for NSS-9 to and from the United States from the 177 degrees west longitude (WL) orbital location. The amendment consists of a revised frequency channel plan for certain transponders but does not change the overall frequency bands to be used.
  • • GlobalStar Licensee LLC requested modification of its 1.6/2.4 GHz mobile-satellite service (MSS) license to authorize the launch, operation, and end-of-life disposal of up to 48 second-generation non-geostationary-orbit satellites.

From FCC Report SAT-00599:

  • • Sirius XM Radio Inc requested special temporary authority (STA) to operate 20 repeaters with an average EIRP of 2,000 watts or less at various locations in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in the 2320-2332.5 MHz Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service (SDARS) frequency band.

From FCC Report SAT-00598:

  • • The FCC granted EchoStar Corporation's request for authority to construct, launch and operate 17/24 GHz broadcasting satellite service (BSS) space station EchoStar EX-1 at 79 degrees WL using the 17.3-17.8 GHz (space-to-Earth) and the 24.75-25.25 GHz (Earth-to-space) frequency bands. Operation in the 17.7-17.8 GHz (space-to-Earth) frequency band is limited to international service only.

Doug Lung is one of America's foremost authorities on broadcast RF technology. He has been with NBC since 1985 and is currently vice president of broadcast technology for NBC/Telemundo stations.