Satellite Update

The FCC added the Superbird-B2 satellite at 162 degrees east longitude to the Permitted Space Station List. Each U.S.-licensed earth station with "ALSAT" designated as a point of communication is now allowed to provide Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) in the 14.0-14.5 GHz (Earth-to-space) frequency bands, from the United States using Superbird-B2 in accordance with the technical specifications set forth in Space Communication Corporation's Petition for Declaratory Ruling and FCC rules. Loral Skynet do Brasil notified the FCC late last year that control of Loral Skynet do Brasil was transferred from Loral Space and Communications Ltd., Debtor-in-Possession, to Loral Space and Communications Inc. Loral Skynet do Brasil is licensed by Brazil to operate the Ku-band satellite Estrela do Sul 1 at 63 degrees west longitude. This satellite was previously added to the Permitted Space Station List and the FCC Satellite Division determined that the transfer does not affect its decision to place Estrela do Sul 1 on the list. The list will be amended to reflect the transfer of control.

The FCC granted PanAmSat's request for special temporary authority (STA) to relocate Galaxy 1R from 133.0 degrees WL to 132.9 degrees WL for 30 days commencing Feb. 14, 2006. The purpose of the relocation is to allow handing off communications traffic from Galaxy 1R to its replacement satellite Galaxy 15. PanAmSat was also allowed to continue operating the tracking, telemetry and command payload on the Galaxy 1R satellite while it is performing end of life maneuvers to boost the satellite to a disposal orbit above the geostationary arc. In another action, PanAmSat's request for extension of STA to operate Galaxy 3R at 73.95 degrees WL was dismissed as moot in light of PanAmSat's request to perform end of life maneuvers on the satellite.

For more information on these FCC actions, see FCC Report SAT-00343.