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Satellite Update

Star One S.A. requested that its application to add Star One C2 satellite at 70 degrees west longitude (WL) be modified to reflect the updated technical specifications of the to-be-built satellite. Tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) frequencies were changed to 6425.5 MHz, 4199.0 MHz, and 4199.9 MHz with Ku-band beacon signals on 11700.5 MHz and 12199.3 MHz. PanAmSat requested a thirty-day extension of its special temporary authority (STA) to conduct in-orbit testing of Galaxy 14 at 145 degrees WL. For more information on these application see FCC Report SAT-00328.

The FCC granted, with conditions, EchoStar Satellite LLC's request for 30 day STA to conduct TT&C and operate at the 77 degree WL location, on a non-harmful interference basis. The FCC also granted SES Americom's request to add service to South America in the conventional Ku-band and the extended Ku-band to its authorization for the C- and Ku-band AMC-6 satellite operating at the 72 degrees WL. The FCC dismissed as moot SES Americom's for STA for the operations approved in the modification. For more information on these and other FCC International Bureau satellite station actions, see FCC Report SAT-00329.